Q. What is TransFreedom?
A. TransFreedom is TransFirst's innovative bundled pricing package that simplifies merchant billing by combining a number of individual monthly charges into one single low monthly fee. TransFreedom makes statement reconciliation easy by eliminating the need to figure out interchange rates and interpret qualifying rules — and there are no hidden fees or charges. It's serious savings made simple.

Q. Which kinds of merchants are eligible for TransFreedom?
A. Any retail or mail order/telephone order merchant that processes $20,000 or less monthly can opt for TransFreedom. Seasonal merchants are not eligible.

Q. How much can I save with TransFreedom?
A. Depending on the monthly processing volume of your business, you can save up to 33% over the typical processing and reconciliation fees offered by other payment processors. Plus, you'll save time on statement reconciliation — and that extra time to grow your business can mean a big boost to your bottom line.

Q. What is the monthly fee for TransFreedom?
A. The monthly fee is determined by your payment card processing volume and average ticket size, and can be as low as $39*.

Q. What if my monthly volume for Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and PIN debit transactions exceeds my TransFreedom plan limit?
A. You choose the appropriate pricing tier based on payment processing volume and average ticket size for your business. If your processing volume exceeds the tier maximum in any month, the program provides free bonus volume up to $1,000. If your monthly volume exceeds the tier maximum AND the free bonus volume, additional volume purchase billing applies at a rate of $20 for each $500 in additional process volume.

Q. What services and fees are included in the TransFreedom bundle?
A. The following are included in TransFreedom: Visa/MasterCard/Discover processing fees; PIN processing fees; batch close fee; online reporting access; PCI Compliance Program/fee; Data Breach Security Program/fee; statement fee; services fees; annual fee; and three rolls of paper/month.

Q. What is provided with the PCI Compliance and Data Breach Security Programs?
A. The PCI Compliance Program is included in the bundled TransFreedom pricing. The program helps merchants certify compliance with the mandatory PCI security requirements, including:

  • an online portal to complete a required self-assessment questionnaire
  • network vulnerability scanning for merchants with external-facing IP addresses
  • sample security policy resources

The Data Breach Security Program helps to shield merchants from the costly fees and fines for the most common forms of data compromise. The program provides:

  • up to $100,000 in coverage per location for fines/penalties levied by card associations
  • card replacement costs and related expenses
  • costs of security assessments by qualified security assessors and/or forensic audits
  • post-breach service expenses

Q. What fees are not included in TransFreedom?
A. TransFreedom does not include ACH, ACH return fees and change fees, American Express® fees, chargeback/retrieval fees, gateway fees (other than TransAction Central®) and other value-added service fees such as wireless carrier, check services or gift cards.

Q. I have higher volume at certain times of the year than at other times. Can I change my pricing tier as my volume changes?
A. TransFreedom gives you the flexibility to pay as you grow by selecting the tier that best meets your needs or by purchasing additional volume incrementally as needed.

Q. If I am participating in TransFreedom and have a transaction downgrade, will this lead to additional fees?
A. No. The TransFreedom monthly fee covers any potential hand-key and other downgrades (surcharges) and interchange fees that would normally be changed. However, you are encouraged to follow best-practices for transactions to help reduce chargebacks.

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